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Group Past life regression Experience

Ever want to know who you were in a past life, or if your family and friends were with you in the past in a ‘Past Life’? Do you feel like a current problem you are having may have had its origin in the past? 

Join Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist Jill Thomas for an evening Journey into a past life that is effecting you today to gain insight and information. You will meet your spirit guild to help you understand how your past may be effecting a current situation. 

  • Leave with a greater understanding of your life’s purpose as well
  • Achieve a greater connection with your spirit guilds and higher self.

Sign up today for this amazing experience.  Space is limited to ensure more individualized focus.

September 14th Friday 6:30PM At the Awakenings Bookstore In Laguna Hills $35
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October 3rd Wednesday 6:30PM at a private Residence in Encinitas $35
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