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When you combine hypnotherapy and coaching (sometimes called hypno-coaching) you make each tool exponentially more powerful than they would be on their own. And added with Jill’s natural intuitive abilities these sessions give you real tools to help create lasting powerful change.

Specializing in Hypnosis for:

Generally, all issues require a series of sessions for optimal healing but most people see noticeable improvement even after the first one.

If you don’t see your issue listed just call or email us and we can tell you if we can help.

The first session is 75 minutes long and each additional sessions are 55. You will receive an MP3 of the Hypnotherapy part of the session that you can do as reinforcement for the work done in session.

Weight Loss(55 minutes)

  • Do you struggle with weight loss?
  • Find yourself obsessing about certain foods, your body size, or the numbers on the scale?
  • Does your inability to control your eating cause feelings of shame, low self-esteem, and depression?
  • Are you putting off doing the things you want until you “lose the weight”?

Stop feeling trapped and frustrated! Let us show you the way out.

FOOD is not the PROBLEM...it's a SYMPTOM. Jill Thomas, CCHT and author of Feed your Real Hunger—Getting off the Emotional Treadmill that Keeps You Overweight will work alongside you to gently uncover and confront the faulty beliefs and attitudes keeping you from having the healthy body and satisfying life you’ve always wanted.

  • Feel an immediate difference*
  • Effective
  • All-natural
  • Lasting Results

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*Clients often notice improvement after just one session

Anxiety(55 minutes)

"Life is not a bowl full of cherries..." ~ Fuzzy Zoeller

Unfortunately, many of us spend an overwhelming majority of our time worrying:

  • What if I lose my job?
  • What if I "freeze up"” at that work presentation?
  • What if I become seriously ill?
  • What if climate change destroys the planet?

What’s on your list? Fear in all its forms—anxiety, stress, worry, panic—can last your entire lifetime and eat up emotional energy better spent on living fully and joyfully. Anxiety can also lead to other illnesses such as high blood pressure, addiction, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and ulcers, to name only a few.

But did you know...Stress-induced anxiety is a learned response, a habit? Like all habits, it can be unlearned.

Why suffer? Hypnotherapy is used in several areas of medicine, and is undeniably proven to relieve stress-induced anxiety. Jill Thomas, CCHT, has helped literally hundreds of clients respond calmly and confidently to any high-pressure situation.

  • No drugs
  • Long-lasting or permanent relief/healing
  • Fast – Most clients feel significant improvement after JUST ONE SESSION
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Healing Your Relationships(55 minutes)

Are You Frustrated in Your Relationships?

  • Do insecurity and low self-esteem make it difficult for you to initiate or maintain relationships?
  • Do you tend to be too controlling – or too passive – in dealing with others?
  • Are you plagued by jealousy or separation anxiety with people you’re close to?
  • Do you have trouble setting healthy boundaries?
  • Are you afraid of intimate relationships altogether?

Relationship issues vary greatly in nature and intensity, but we all have them! If yours limit your ability to connect and bond with others, hypnosis can help...

Our gentle, non-invasive techniques guide you to uncover your fears and internal conflicts regarding intimacy and relationships, and assist you in exploring the roots of these attitudes. Self-discovery followed by reprogramming through hypnosis will allow you to forgive yourself and your past, learn to trust again, and feel confident that you can function healthily in all your relationships, especially intimate ones.

When you work at loving and healing yourself, you'll find the people around you are healthier and more loving, too. Let's get started!

Finding the One - Dating & Relationship Support(55 minutes)

Does it feel like you keep dating the same not-so-nice person over and over again? Have you gone through an ugly breakup or divorce and find it hard to get out there again? Or are you someone who is very shy and finds it hard to approach a person you find attractive and ask them on a date?

Often people who would make great partners find the dating process so stressful that they fail to get out there and meet people who could be great matches for them.

Dating is hard, no question about it. It is even worse if you have a pattern of dating people who are not good for you. With hypnosis, you can erase your fears and feel comfortable approaching someone, get over a past breakup and feel good dating again, retune your radar so you look past the not-so-nice kind of person you have been dating to someone you can really love, and get past lifelong shyness to find the love of your life.

Fears(55 minutes)

Do you always take the stairs to avoid the elevator? Are you easily embarrassed and find yourself avoiding situations or people who could put you in contact with something you fear? Have you said “no” to a vacation in Hawaii because you are afraid to get on an airplane?

Untreated fears begin to build on themselves so that what may have started off as one small fear can evolve into a fear of many things.

Working with a hypnotherapist on my own fear of dogs is one of the things that inspired me to learn hypnosis and become a hypnotherapist myself, so I can attest personally to the power of fears and phobias. Fortunately, hypnosis is even more powerful.

Hypnosis is remarkably effective for fear of the following:

  • Dogs
  • Elevators
  • Flying
  • Heights
  • Water
  • Going to the Doctor/Dentist
  • And more

Don't let fears and phobias limit your life. Contact me to release yourself from the prison of fear and take your life back. Do it today.

Coaching(55 minutes)

Have you tried to take your business to the next level but round yourself trapped in the cycle of limiting beliefs and negative thinking. Do you find yourself sabotaging your true potential?

Hypnosis Coaching for business and life can help you:

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs and negative thinking
  • Help retrain the mind for prosperity consciousness and financial freedom
  • Set proper boundaries
  • Help business owners connect with their most ideal clients

Give yourself the tools to have what you most want in life. Call today for an appointment.

Confidence(55 minutes)

More than probably any other issue I work with clients on this one actually costs people a lot of money.

People with confidence issues don’t speak up in meetings when they should, don’t ask for well-deserved raises and frequently have issues with dating.

If you have trouble with:

  • Public Speaking
  • Social Anxiety
  • Asking for what you need
  • You feel like you are "faking it" at work

Hypnosis can help you:

  • Release the negative self-talk that causes so much pain in your life
  • Release feelings of guilt that may be keeping you from opening to receive
  • Cultivate a healthy love for yourself, your body and your life
  • Create a sense of your value and self-worth
  • Hypnotherapy can really help you turn that around so you feel comfortable doing what you need to in order to create the life you most want

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Intuition Development(55 minutes)

Whether it’s an inner voice (clairaudience), an inner feeling (clairsentience), or images (clairvoyance) we all have some natural intuitive ability that can, with practice, be developed. With hypnosis, we can tap into and amplify that natural gift so that you can use it more in your daily life.

Call today to expand your mind and enhance your gifts.

Struggling with Negative Habits?(55 minutes)

Do you have nervous behaviors that you can’t seem to stop, even though they cause you embarrassment, guilt, and shame? Examples might be:

  • Nail biting or picking at skin
  • Excessive hair or eyelash plucking
  • Overeating
  • Overconsumption of Alcohol
  • Over-reactivity to people or situations, e.g. temper tantrums or tearful outbursts
  • Cursing when you shouldn't
  • Incessant talking or speaking too rapidly

Although unpleasant, these types of habits are simply mechanisms you’ve adopted for dealing with stress and anxiety. Don’t let them lower your self-esteem and social image. Through hypnosis, you can overcome even the most long-standing or ingrained behavior, often in just one session!

Prosperity(55 minutes)

Most people do not realize how much their family history with money limits or interferes with their ability to be prosperous and happy.

Do you:

  • Sabotage your own oportunities when they arise
  • Overspend whenever you do receive money
  • Have trouble doing the things you need to do to succeed and be happy with that success

The worst thing about these beliefs is that many of them are unconscious, so you may not even be aware that they are running the show. To prosper in life, first you must find out what is holding you back.

Using hypnosis, we'll work on uncovering and changing your unconscious beliefs so that you are able to do what you need to do to create greater prosperity for yourself and your family.

Signature Past Life Regression

2½ hours $274

These are the most therapeutic and transformative sessions we do.
Hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist Jill Thomas will guide you into a deep state of hypnosis where you will be able to experience a past life and in between life information with astonishing detail. For the first half of the session you will be guided into a past life that is impacting your current life. Learn you were in that past life, the people you have known in the past and how they are connected to you now. Then you will be guided into the life between lives were you will be introduced to your guide or guides, visit the higher realm and get clarity on how you can make your current life even better.

You will learn:

  • What is the unique purpose of your current life?
  • Who are the individuals you reincarnate the most?
  • Who are your guides and what they most need you to know?

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of your guides to receive information that will both instruct, and uplift you to the next level of your life's journey.
This amazingly therapeutic process will leave you feeling inspired and full of wisdom to help you achieve your important life goals.
Call today to schedule an appointment for this important part of your path.

Intuitive Readings

Jill is a gifted Clairvoyant, Intuitive spiritual counselor, vocal channel, medium and intuitive hypnotherapist. Jill Connects with her clients spirit guides to deliver messages from spirit on relationships, personal and professional success and creating lasting joy. Her tremendous popularity as a psychic reader at a metaphysical bookstore has led her to now offer intuitive readings to her hypnotherapy clients.

Step off the edge-grow your wings.

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